Sound System Design and Installation, Acoustic Quality Design

Blue Tree Acoustics offer sound system design and installation services for venues, bars, cafes and nightclubs.

Because we are an acoustic consultancy, we are able to design a system which gives you the best performance but which is suitable for you building/site.

We are qualified engineers and will ensure that the system gives the best acoustic performance possible.

Acoustic Quality design is a related service we offer. We offer advice for all places where speech and music need to be heard.

These range from cinemas and theatres to music venues and festivals through to places of worship such as churches and mosques.

We will give advice on the size and shape of the room, orientation of seating, location of sound reinforcement systems and use of sound absorbing/diffracting/reflecting materials.

Our design advice will give the best acoustic performance, so that speech intelligibility and music quality is high.

We also offer audio analysis and expert witness services relating to audio recordings.

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