Renewable Energy Noise / ETSU Article by Blue Tree Acoustics

Wind turbines can be noisy. In the UK there are guidelines on wind turbines and noise emissions. These guidelines attempt to protect residential amenity.

ETSU R97 deals with noise from wind farms. It sets a night time criterion of 43dB LA90 outside a dwelling which is deemed to relate to 35dB LAeq inside a dwelling. The daytime criterion is set at 35-40dB LA90 externally.

In addition, is background noise levels permit, the criteiron is increased relative to background levels.

Daytime noise limits can be lower than at night. This odd situation arises from the route of derivation of the numbers.

Blue Tree Acoustics has experience in assessing sites in accordance with ETSU-R-97, having provided assessments both for landowners and local authority.

Hydro electric sites can also generate noise. It is less common that these installations impact upon residents due to the typically remote and shielded locations where they are placed.

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