Minerals Extraction from Quarries and Minerals Processing Noise Article by Blue Tree Acoustics

The mining, extraction and processing of minerals is important. Ideally a quarry site would be located miles from anywhere and anyone but clearly ideal sites are few and far between as minerals can only be extracted where they are. All too often these places are in rural areas but with a few neighbours in the vicinity. The close proximity can lead to noise concerns or complaints relating to both proposed and existing mineral extraction or processing sites.

Blue Tree Acoustics has a great deal of experience in this area. We have dealt with noise impact issues at the planning stage by calculating likely future noise levels at residential properties. Where needed, we have designed noise mitigation measures in order to reduce noise to acceptable levels.

We also regularly undertake compliance monitoring in order to ensure that noise limits are met.

Acoustic calculations are undertaken in accordance with BS5228: Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites. Noise levels are assessed in accordance with Minerals Policy Statement 2 (2005): controlling and Mitigating the Environmental Effects of Minerals Extraction in England, Annex 2: Noise (MPS 2, MPS2).

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