Audio and Acoustic Expert Witness Services (Noise Nuisance, Audio Analysis, Planning and Public Inquiries)

Blue Tree Acoustics have a proven record in providing expert witness services.

We have given evidence in Public Inquiries and other formal hearings in written form, in chief and under cross examination. We also have experience of working as a joint expert in legal cases.

We have experience in providing evidence for Public Entertainment Licences (PEL), Liquor Licences, Noise Nuisance cases, Noise at Work cases, Planning Enforcement Notices, Planning Appeals and analysis of audio recordings.

Blue Tree Acoustics offers acoustic consultancy services dealing with a wide range of nuisance issues including low frequency noise, neighbour noise including music noise, dog barking noise etc, noise from licensed premises such as pubs, clubs, music venues and casinos and industrial, retail and commercial premises. We can work both for the alledged noise maker or for the noise sufferer.

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