Sound Insulation Testing, Acoustic Testing and Noise Testing

Building Scotland Regulations 2004, Technical Handbook Section5, Noise 2010, Post Completion Acoustic Testing

Building Scotland Regulations 2004, Technical Handbook Section 5, Noise 2010 requires that all new residential developments and those formed by conversion to form residential properties must meet minimum standards of sound insulation.

Blue Tree Acoustics can provide acoustic design advice and sound testing in order that your development meets these standards.

Section 5 of the Technical Handbook also requires that a sample of separating walls and/or floors in a development undergo post-completion sound insulation testing. The results of this testing are reported to Building Standards in order to demonstrate compliance with Building Scotland Regulations. We are ANC registered testers and can therefore produce accredited reports for submission to Building Standards.

Walls require an airborne test. Floors require both airborne and impact testing. The number of tests required depends on the number of dwellings in the development.

Acoustic testing requires the development to be near completion, but without floor finishes down. All doors and windows should be fitted and ceilings and walls should be complete and well sealed.

We can design and test for a wide range of building types including high rise apartments, new build homes, conversions, mixed use buildings and traditional buildings.

Whether your site is one dwelling or a large development, and whether it is located in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness or Aberdeen - we will be able to help.

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