BB93 School Acoustics, Acoustic Assessments and Reports

Noise can prevent children from learning. It can distract children and it can make it difficult for teachers and children to understand each other.

School acoustics are particularly important but universities and colleges should also be designed acoustically.

Acoustically designing a school means considering and dealing with a number of issues including: sound insulation between spaces, reverberation times in rooms and noise generating equipment such as HVAC.

The government minimum performance document - Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) for Schools must be followed for new schools or new school buildings.

BB93 is part of the Building Regulations and is compulsory for schools but is often used as a guidance document for colleges and universities.

We advise clients that they bring us in at the beginning of the project as a number of problems can be picked up and avoided in the early design process.

Specification of sound insulating doors, walls and floors as well as sound absorbing materials comes later in the design, but is also critical.

PSBP - The Priority School Building programme is a centrally-managed programme addressing the needs of schools most in need of urgent repair. Blue Tree Acoustics are able to provide assessment, design and testing for PSBP schools.

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