Acoustic Design Consultants (BB93, HTM2045, HTM2008-01, BREEAM, Building Regulations)

Blue Tree Acoustics provides design advice for many types of development. Some of these are listed below:

Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE) requires that all new residential development achieves a given minimum acoustic performance standard.

The current version of ADE came into force on 1st July 2003. It sets out criteria for a minimum standard of sound insulation for both separating walls and floors. It also gives criteria for internal walls and floors. Residential development must meet these standards and must be tested to demonstrate compliance (some sites can be registered with the Robust Details scheme as an alternative to pre-completion testing).

On-site Pre-Completion Testing (PCT) is carried out to prove compliance - see TESTING.

ADE also requires control of sound reverberation in common circulation areas of residential buildings. ADE applies to all types of residential buildings, including hotels, hostels, student accommodations, nursing homes, but not hospitals.

Education - BB93 is the Building Bulletin that deals with the acoustic design of schools.

It is mandatory for schools and is often used for other educational buildings.
It sets out acoustic design targets in three main areas: sound insulation criteria; reverberation time targets; internal ambient noise level targets. More about BB93. We also design university and higher education buildings such as colleges and

Offices - Acoustic Privacy and internal noise level problems are common in UK office buildings. Blue Tree Acoustics staff have a great deal of experience in this area, both in initial design, and in finding and fixing problems within existing buildings. More about offices

Health and Technical Memorandum HTM2045 and HTM2008-01 deal with acoustic design in healthcare buildings. The documents give recommendations for the level of sound insulation required between adjacent spaces, background noise levels, reverberation times for various types of space within the buildings.

Blue Tree Acoustics also provide design advice for retail, conference and exhibition centres, and a wide range of mixed use developments.

We can also assist in acoustic design to satisfy BREEAM 2011 Hea 05 and Pol 05 requirements for sites such as residential, office, industrial, retail, prison, courts, mixed-use, school / education and healthcare building types. To satisfy the BREEAM Hea 05 requirements and qualify for award of acoustic credits, there is now a pre-requisite to appoint an acoustician at early design stage. Without submission of evidence to show that a suitably qualified acoustic expert was appointed to provide input at an early stage the Hea 05 credits may not be awarded. Blue Tree Acoustics are deemed to be such experts and our early appointment can therefore earn you credits.

Blue Tree Acoustics can also assisit with designing and installing systems to improve sound insulation of domestic properties such as badly insulated flats or homes which require higher levels of sound insulation.

Perhaps you have noisy neighbours or have received a noise complaint, either way, we can help you with our acoustic design, testing and assessment services.

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