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Blue Tree Acoustics is a small consultancy - but why should you use a small consultancy? What are the benefits?

The first point is that of staff qualifications and experience. At Blue Tree Acoustics, your project will be handled throughout by highly experienced staff with relevant qualifications to ensure a continuous high level of service. In a larger organisation the work is often handled by a range of staff with varying levels of expertise and experience which can lead to discontinuity, potential for error and a lower quality of service - but often with high fees.

The other extreme is a small organisation where fees may be lower, but the consultants do not necessarily have sufficient levels of qualification or experience and are limited in exposure to different types of work. Often, a consultancy may quote many years of experience, but this could be many years of bad experience and low quality of work.

There is also an increasing trend for product suppliers and installers to offer a consultancy service. To provide impartial advice, a consultant should be independent, and should not be linked to a certain product or manufacturer. They should be able to specify what is best for your project, not what is best for them to sell.

At Blue Tree Acoustics we have the best situation. We are qualified acoustic engineers, with many years of experience gained from working on a wide range of projects in large established organisations. However, now we can offer the competitive pricing of a smaller organisation whilst maintaining high standards of service and quality of work.

Your work will be undertaken by a Chartered Engineer from start to finish.

We also try to work with clients rather than against them. We want to nurture a long term relationship with our clients where they know what they will get from us and will want to return time after time.

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