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Blue Tree Acoustics offer many different services to individuals and companies across the UK including air tightness testing, acoustic consultancy and testing and expert witness services.

We provide expert witness services including audio authentication, enhancement and transcription services and speech comparison services.

Blue Tree Acoustics are acoustics and audio experts.
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We offer noise at work assessments for all types of industrial, commercial or retail operation in the UK. We also offer PPG24 type noise assessments and acoustic assessment for all development types, building regulations sound tests and acoustic investigations in Rutland.

We offer a range of energy services including air tightness tests, noise assessments, and acoustics services which are offered across Rutland. We provide air tightness testing for new build dwellings in the UK and acoustic services for almost all situations.

We work throughout the Rutland area and provide acoustic design and acoustic testing services. Whether you are located in or near Oakham, Uppingham or Barrow then we can assist you.

If the type of work you need help with is not listed above then please contact us either via email or telephone. Any type of acoustics, audio, sounds or air tightness testing projects we should be able to assist you with.

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