Noise Complaints and Noisy Neighbours

If you experience noise within your property that you feel is unreasonable. Usually your first port of call is the local council.

On receipt of your complaint a council Officer will contact you to confirm your details and the details of the complaint.

In most cases the Officer will write to the person/company allegedly causing the disturbance in order to let them know that a complaint has been made and that investigations will be made should further complaints be received.

Usually the council will then ask you to complete a diary record, giving details of any further disturbance during the following month or so. If there has been no improvement in the situation, this diary record should be returned to us so that an assessment can be made.

The council will then attempt to assess the extent of the disturbance and an Officer may visit the premises to monitor the noise. Noise recording or measuring equipment may be used.

If the Officers are satisfied that sufficient evidence exists to satisfy the statutory nuisance criteria, a letter may be sent to the person/company causing the disturbance.

If there is insufficient evidence of a statutory nuisance the Council may be unable to take any further action.

Where an officer is satisfied that a there is a nuisance, a notice may be served on the person causing the noise. The notice will require them to stop causing a disturbance and may also require works to achieve this to be carried out within a specified time.

Failure to comply with the notice is an offence and a prosecution may follow.

In many situations it is not this straightforward. Perhaps the neighbour doesn't make noise when the Council visit your home; perhaps the Council don't feel that there is a problem; maybe the neighbour isn't actually the problem, and it is the sound insulation between the homes that is.

We are degree educated engineers who can measure the level of sound insulation between your property and next door. We can compare this to current standards and allow you to see just how well the walls or floors between you and them are working.

If the building is not providing enough attenuation, we can then design a system which will improve the weakness and leave you in a much happier place. We cannot guarantee no noise at all (and any firm doing this is not telling you the whole truth) but we can demonstrate to you what improvement you will gain before we install the system.

We work closely with our team of contractors to ensure the system is correctly installed and that is does what it should.

We also act as independent witnesses able to collect calibrated accurate noise level data which can then be used to demonstrate to the authorities what level of noise your neighbours make and allow you to make a case for action.

If necessary we would assist you in taking the case direct to the courts without the need for Council support.

Please fill out the webform on our contacts page and we will get back to you.

You might also be interested in 'The Little Red Book of Acoustics', our book which sets out the legal position with regard to noise in the UK.

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