Blue Tree Acoustics - Audio, Acoustic Consultancy and Acoustics Experts in Greater London
City of London and City of Westminster

Blue Tree Acoustics offer a range of audio expert witness and acoustics expert witness services
to serve the courts and legal processes across London. We are able to offer expert audio and voice
analysis in order to assist in the identification of a recorded speaker.

We have provided our services to many legal professionals both in criminal and civil cases.

We offer forensic speech comparison services, such as where a comparison is made of voice and
speech patterns between two or more recordings in order to assess the likelihood of the speakers
being the same person. We are forensic speech experts.

We offer authentication of recordings services where evidence of editing and tampering of recordings
is found or examined. This audio analysis can be vital to a case.

We offer sound enhancement services where audio recordings are electronically processed in order
to remove extraneous noise and improve intelligibility of speech or to enhance a particular
feature of the recording.

We offer acoustic investigations such as whether or not a particular sound source propagates in a certain
manner and ultimately whether or not a sound can have been heard and whether speech can have
been intelligible in a particular location.

We offer transcription services where evidential recordings are transcribed into a written document whether
it be ROTI or from another source.

We have undertaken many audio and acoustic assessments for cases based in and around London and

Our services are available to solicitors, barristers, and security or law enforcement agencies in the UK
and Ireland. Our services include forensic speech comparison, transcription, enhancement and
authentication of audio.

Our acoustics expert services are highly recommended and we are one of the few firms in the UK who have a
high level of qualification in this area.

We are listed with and checked by the Legal Hub. To be listed, our previous work and references are checked,
thus you can be sure of our qualifications, knowledge and ability.

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