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There are lots of companies offering acoustic testing and acoustic consultancy services, why should I use Blue Tree Acoustics?


In the UK, anyone can claim to be an expert in acoustics. There are actually very few firms who are experts.

The questions to ask are:

1) Will all of the staff who will work on my project have a degree in acoustics?
Most companies claiming to be experts have little or no qualification in the subject.

2) Are all the staff members of the institute of acoustics?
Many of the UKAS sound insulation test firms not only have no qualification in acoustics but are not even members of the institute of acoustics.

3) Does each staff member have a minimum of 10 years experience working in acoustic consultancy in the UK?
Many of the larger acoustic consultancies have staff at the top of the company with over 10 years experience, but they have staff with less then a few years experience going out to site and doing most of the work.

4) Are the staff chartered engineers?
There are very few acoustic chartered engineers. The chartered engineer process is the only way that an individual can prove professional competence and acoustics. If a consultant has not gone through this assessment, their competence is unproven.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you should think about why you want to use that firm rather than Blue Tree Acoustics, where the answers are yes to all of the above.

For some areas of work such as Sound Insulation Testing, clients can feel that there is no benefit to having a qualified tester as the site will be signed off either way. The important point is that with an unqualified tester, the test might not be undertaken correctly, and the results might be flawed i.e. your site might be reported as a fail when really it passes the minimum standard.

In addition, what happens if you do fail? Unqualified testers are not able to give advice as to what remedial works are needed. You will then have to pay for a real expert to come in and start again.

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