Planning Policy Guidance note (PPG24) and Noise Exposure Categories

Planning Policy Guidance note (PPG24) sets out the Government's policy on development in noisy areas. The guidance is made primarily for Local Authorities who must take the content of PPG24 into account in preparing their development plans and when granting permission for development sites.

Noise may be material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals.

PPG24 gives guidance to local authorities in England on the use of their planning powers to consider and minimise the adverse impact of noise on developments. PPG24 builds on the advice previously contained in DOE Circular 1073.

PPG24 sets out the issues which are to be considered in determining planning applications both for noise-sensitive developments and for those activities which may generate noise

PPG24 uses a series of Noise Exposure Categories (NEC) to assess the suitability of noise sensitive development. These NECs are used as guidance in determining a planning application.

The current noise levels and source of noise impacting on the proposed site both during the day and at night are established. This allows the site to be placed in one of the four NECs, assuming transportation noise is dominant.

If a site falls within NEC A permission would normally be granted, NEC D sites would not normally be permitted. NEC B and C sites are often permitted with appropriate acoustic design measures included in the proposal

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