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Blue Tree Acoustics is an acoustic consultancy undertaking a wide range of design, consultancy and testing projects including noise assessments and sound insulation testing, serving the UK and Ireland from our central base in Sheffield. We also undertake air tightness testing.

Blue Tree Acoustics offers high quality acoustic consultancy services, providing professional design, assessment and testing in the fields of acoustics, sound insulation testing and air permeability testing across the UK.

All of our technical staff are degree-educated in acoustics and have a minimum of ten years' experience each working as acoustic consultants. Our consultants are also deemed competent to provide NAW (noise at work) and workplace noise assessments in the UK.

Acoustic Testing, Sound Tests and Air Tightness Testing

Blue Tree Acoustics is a member of the ANC (for acoustic consultancy services) and iATS (for air tightness testing).

We are also the publisher of The Little Red Book of Acoustics (third edition released 2013, ISBN 978-0956001221), which is recommended reading for the Institute of Acoustics Diploma and University courses nationwide.

Acoustic Consultants

Our services cover assessments for a wide range of acoustic consultancy work types. These include environmental noise, BS4142 (industrial noise), PPG24 (planning for new development), IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control of large industrial sites), CRTN (road traffic noise), CRN (rail noise), DMRB (planning for new roads), noise at work, minerals noise (MPS2), power and petrochemicals noise, renewable energy noise / wind farm ETSU assessments, and expert witness evidence. Blue Tree Acoustics consultants are third-party checked acoustic experts via the Legal Hub.

Noise Impact Assessments

We also handle assessment of noise for applications for licenses and extension of hours of licenses for restaurants and other licensed premises (bars, night-clubs, public houses, etc.). We also deal with noise assessments for a wide range of commercial and industrial operators, such as motorsport and sporting events, cinema and theatre operators as well as music venues, nightclubs, and functions such as weddings and birthday parties in function rooms or outside using marquees.

Acoustic Quality Design

Blue Tree Acoustics provides acoustic consultancy services for studios, cinemas, theatres, stadia, festivals, and outdoor events, concert halls, broadcast and media buildings, as well as temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship. We offer architectural acoustic design (BREEAM/ADE/BS8233) for offices (BS8233/BREEAM), acoustic design of schools / priority schools building programme (BB93/ PSBP), healthcare/hospitals (HTM08-01), universities, studios, theatres, cinemas, and multi-use developments.

Building Regulations Approved Document E and L1A Advice

We also provide residential development Building Regulations Approved Document E advice and acoustic testing in England and Wales. We can provide design and testing for developers, or for dwelling owners looking to have the perceived lack of 'soundproofing' investigated with possible remedies discussed in order to reduce neighbour noise.

Building Scotland Regulations Advice

We also provide sound testing and acoustic advice in order to satisfy the Building Scotland Regulations for residential developments in accordance with the 2004 Domestic Regulations, Technical Handbook Section 5, Noise (2010).

BREEAM 2011 Hea 05 and Pol 05

Blue Tree Acoustics are able to provide advice and assessments in accordance with all BREEAM acoustic requirements including the latest BREEAM 2011 Hea 05 and Pol 05. BREEAM noise and acoustic assessments can be undertaken for residential, office, industrial, retail, prison, courts, mixed-use, school / education and healthcare building types. We are fully accredited and capable in all of these areas.

National Coverage

Blue Tree Acoustics has provided acoustic consultancy services and noise assessments, noise impact assessments, acoustic investigations and noise reports for a wide range of clients including Councils and Local Authorities for diverse schemes, from power stations and wind farm noise/ ETSU noise /Wind turbine noise assessments to nightclubs and residential developments. We also provide sound testing / sound insulation testing / sound tests / a sound test for all types of development, whether in London, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, or Manchester. We are routinely instructed to provide noise assessments in Yorkshire and Lancashire, and we often carry out acoustic testing and air tightness testing as far afield as London, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Leeds, Hull, Manchester, York, Sheffield and Newcastle.

Click on the links above to view more details on the range of noise assessment, air tightness testing, and acoustic consultancy services we offer, and for further information regarding PPG24 assessments, BS4142 assessments, sound insulation testing and air tightness testing in any area, including Birmingham (Midlands), Liverpool (Merseyside), Manchester (Lancashire), York / Leeds (Yorkshire), Hull and Lincoln (Humberside/Lincolnshire), or Newcastle (Tyneside). Visit our about page to learn a little more about.

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